A Life-Long Fighter for New York

Meet Jerry

Headshot of Congressman Jerry Nadler of NY-10
Congressman Jerry Nadler

A veteran Democratic Congressman who has been described as the “Liberal Lion” of the New York Congressional Delegation, and a “true reformer” from his first days in politics, Jerrold "Jerry" Nadler got his start as one of the “West Side Kids”—a group of young activists committed to remaking the politics of New York City to ensure that elected officials better served the needs of everyday New Yorkers. As the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry has been a relentless defender of our country’s democracy and our Constitution’s fundamental promise of equality for all, and proudly standing on the front lines in the fight for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, racial justice, and the First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of expression and religion.

Through his 16 years in the New York State Assembly, and since his election to Congress in 1992, Jerry has been considered a stalwart advocate for civil rights and civil liberties; a key voice on transportation issues; an ardent supporter of a secure and democratic Israel; and a nationally-recognized champion of progressive causes that advance economic and social justice in order to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Chairman Nadler has created one of the most ambitious legislative agendas ever before the House Judiciary Committee—overseeing the passage of bills to strengthen our gun laws, reform our criminal justice system, protect the right to vote and access to the ballot box, ensure equal anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ individuals, create a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers, end forced arbitration for workers, and lower prescription drug costs, among many other accomplishments—all while carrying out a robust oversight agenda aimed at holding the Trump Administration accountable for threats to our democracy and constitution.

Visionary Leadership

Jerry has been called a “visionary” for his leadership in working to improve New York City’s infrastructure, and served for many years on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, leading the national fight to increase federal funding for mass transit and advocating for effective and sustainable goods movement in New York and nationwide—a necessary component of combatting climate change and transitioning our country away from dependence on fossil fuels.

A life-long fighter for New York and its residents, Jerry came to center stage as the “Ground Zero Congressman,” ably representing the district that was hit in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, and working tirelessly in the aftermath to gain substantial federal aid, as well as health care and compensation for the responders and survivors. He has also been a tremendous supporter of the many educational, cultural and social welfare organizations based in his vibrant and diverse district—bringing hundreds of millions of federal dollars home; supports sensible economic and community development initiatives; and takes tremendous pride in serving his constituents through his highly-regarded Constituent Services program.

Born in Brooklyn, Jerry is a graduate of Crown Heights Yeshiva, Stuyvesant High School, Columbia College and Fordham Law School. He lives on the Upper West Side of New York with his wife Joyce. They have one son, Michael, and Jerry and Joyce have recently become proud grandparents.