Disability Rights

1 in 5 New Yorkers has a disability. Every one of them deserves equal rights.

Disability rights are human rights. Jerry knows that, which is why he’s been a tireless advocate for the disability community throughout his career. In 2021 and 2022 alone, Jerry cosponsored 22 disability bills to expand healthcare, increase employment opportunities, improve educational outcomes, and so much more. As a supporter of the Work Without Worry Act and the Raise the Wage Act, Jerry has fought for differently-abled individuals in the workplace and advanced efforts to eliminate the discriminatory subminimum wage. 

Every child deserves a good education–students with disabilities are no exception. That’s why Jerry cosponsored the Keeping All Students Safe Act, which would guarantee that no student with disabilities would ever be subjected to seclusion or physical restraint. Jerry also cosponsored the Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Act of 2021, delivering funding to social services and suicide prevention efforts to support adolescents facing mental health crises.

Jerry has long championed civil rights and equality for all. He’s a proud cosponsor of the Marriage Equality for Disabled Adults Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that ensures Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities can marry non-disabled individuals without losing their benefits. As Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, he has convened hearings to oversee and improve the landmark American Disabilities Act and has used his seniority and influence to promote issues important to the disability community. Jerry knows that elevating voices from the disability community is the only way to truly devise effective legislation and is truly committed to fighting alongside–and for them–in Washington D.C.

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